Episode 1: Irish Upon A Star


·        Orba Glow (Joy D’Albora) takes us through a grounded explanation of the summer solstice – Highly Recommended

·        Join award winning playwright Jonas Oppenheim as he traverses over the bumps and bruises that color his quest for love – Highly Recommended

·        Anonymous warns us about the inner workings and devilish motivations behind The Bohemian Grove – Highly Recommended

·        Strap on your safety harness as Kevin Ford and Amanda Sitko demonstrate the terrors of time travel – Highly Recommended

·        In this amazing interview, Kate A’Vard discusses the bloody method behind her cancer curing madness (visit www.alkalinebydesign.co.uk) – Highly Recommended

·        Leo Canneto and his band A.M. Pacific pluck low hanging sultry melodies from their new album “11:11”.  Enjoy a collective bite from their juicy single, “Lady In Waiting” (visit www.ampacificmusic.com) – Highly Recommended

·        Karen, Cheryl, Audrey and Michelle show us why the Irish Ja Rule! – Highly Recommended

·        Jason Thatcher serenades us with his a cappella rendition of the Gaelic classic “Greenwaves” – Highly Recommended

·        Max Eberle’s portraits are acrylic on canvas and done in the style of pointillism.  After painting the canvas black, he uses white dots (usually in fluorescent paint) to interpret all areas of light from the initial cropped image. Using larger dots (in Martin Luther King piece) gives the work a more impressionist feel, while the smaller dots (in the Einstein piece) give the work a more photorealistic look until viewed very close. Eberle sees art as a way to inspire or remind humanity of the greatness that is our birthright. Below are some Highly Recommended selections of his work: