LadyPR El Segundo

Hello, everyone!!  Welcome to el segundo episode of LadyPR.  I tried to keep this baby short and sweet, like my dog Olive, so I hope you guys like it.  This episode includes the following:

Interview with Lindsay Wachs and her crew of sammie-making comrades.  One girl, one back-up crew, 100 sandwiches, 100 oranges, and a desire to put the government’s money to work, serving the people of the Haight.

Interview with Pastor Edwin Weaver, a man who cares about the community of San Francisco. Edwin teaches at Golden Gate Community Church and he is a leader I want to follow.

Listen to Reny Ryan, author of Confessions of a Brazilian Bikini Waxer, wax poetic about the human body and other such things.  Find her at

If you are interested in checking out other Porchlight Storytelling events, check out:   

Morning Becomes Epilliptical:  Ruby TwoLips puts in her two cents about the upcoming election, as well as introduces the musical guest Drew Bray.   Check him out at ::: HE ROCKS!!!

Thanks for your support! 

A special thank you to The Sammie-Making Crew: Lindsay Wachs, Mathew Brady, Anne Holth, Sarah Willbrand, and Brooks Marino. 

Thanks to Edwin Weaver for his time, and his inspiration.