MollyBPR presents

ex•traor•di•nar•y (ĭk-strôr’dn-ěr’ē, ěk’strə-ôr’-) adj.

1. A compilation of remarkable moments, people, songs, voices, days and lives.

In this episode of MollyBPR you will find:

– Opening guitar, Dan Peterson.

– Extraordinary Voices: People talking about their definitions of the word and what it means to them. Extraordinary moments in their lives.

– “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”: A conversation with Andrew Utter, acting instructor extraordinaire, and founder of the Mother of Invention Acting School in San Francisco. His next 10-week cycle of classes in San Francisco starts on Monday September 8th, and classes in Los Angeles begin Wednesday October 8th. For more information go to or email
To hear the entirety of the conversation click on: Guitar by Dan Peterson.

– “Wrigley Hears You”: Dan Peterson’s short story about Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Produced by Dan Peterson. Song called “Gathering Crowds” by the APM Allstars for World of Sports.

– “The Forgotten Ones”: A selection of journal entries from Lynn Rose, about her visit to Sudan, Africa and the refugee camps near Kassala.
Song called “Sudan” by Solace.

– “Angel”: Song written, produced and performed by Suzie Rose.

– “Marathon Day”: The final segment of my marathon series for NedPR, chronicling my journey training with the Aids Marathon Training Program, and running the San Francisco Marathon. To donate to this cause, go to , click on “DONATE” , the city San Francisco, and my runner number is # 1024. Thank you.
Song “Running Like the Wind” instrumental by Dan Peterson.

– “Runnin’ Like The Wind”: Song written by Dan Peterson. Performed by Dan Peterson and Molly Benson.

– Marathon photos below, “Runnin’ on Haight Street”, and “Crossing the Finish Line”, taken by Karen Benson.

– Guitar during conclusion, “Minneapolis” by Henry Phillips

– Bonus Track: “When the Deal Goes Down”: Words and Music by Bob Dylan. Performed by Eric Hart and Molly B.