This week’s episode is produced by Ben Piper out of Seattle, Washington… Here are a few words of episode introduction from Ben:

“Hello fellow devoted listeners. My name is Ben and this is my first episode. Welcome to BenPR.

Today’s show explores the theme of duality, and includes:

  •       An interview with BMX cyclist and Olympic bronze medalist Donny Robinson.
  •       A segment called Kids Write the Darndest Things featuring Spinach and Zucchini: Parts One through Three – a story I began writing 18 years ago and just finished this month.
  •       Ben and Amanda Review Movies They Haven’t Seen – in which my fiancée and I weigh in on which movies we will and won’t be seeing in the next few weeks.
  •       Music from local Seattle Band The Tallboys.
  •       And finally, the younger, and sadly lesser known brother of NedHardcore… BenHardcore speaks out.

Thanks for tuning in,

Ben PipeR”

December 23rd, 2008 1:43 am

You’re much less violent now as a grown up child than a regular child. I loved all the characters. I have a research paper I wrote in 4th grade about Minnesota that is very likely the best thing I’ve ever written.

April 22nd, 2009 6:09 am

Zucchini represents God right? No wait, the Noodle Assistant is God and Marshmallow represents our own insecurities. Well played Benny, the layers of this story will transcend generations and push us towards a deeper understanding of self.

Good interview with Donny, he’s a deep guy with a unique perspective on his sport. I look forward to holding him.

Rent Australia? Honestly, I would have put it as a “Free Redbox Monday” rental – if that.

I’m searching for The Tallboys now, they rule.