Welcome to YourPR this week, I am Benjamin Bottorff based out of Geneva, Switzerland.  Today’s show explores the theme of time and its influence on the human creative process.

     · How are the Gorillas in the Congo? Interview with Pierre Peron, an administrator of Verunga National Park.  Pierre is a trained zoologist and has worked at the BBC as a journalist.  Now he applies his skills in Goma, DR Congo.  Follow the blog and watch the videos at

     · What is the word on the streets of Washington DC?  Interview with GenevaPRs political correspondent based in Washington DC.  Erica Frantz is on the ground following the inauguration.

     · Speeches by Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama.

     · What is Will?  Music and Interview with Clifton Williams and the Blue James Band, from the Album, Will. Buy the album now:

     · Let me know what you think?

January 24th, 2009 7:26 pm

How interesting. I completely enjoyed hearing your voice. Keep up the good work….