This week’s episode of YourPR is titled JimbobPR and is produced by Jimbob Peltaire. Here are a few words from Jimbob on the episode that kicks off the YourPR New Year:

“So, it’s a um a dedication to “the voice” in our heads. Um. And it’s, um, oh, I wanted, um, whadyuh call it… what do you call it when you note them, reference them, just, like, list the name of the girl that’s singing. Her name is Karen Rockower. The name of the songs are dog and cold. That’s Karen, k-a-r-e-n, Rockower, r-o-c-k-o-w-e-r.¬†Um, and, I don’t know what else really goes in there. I didn’t use too much of external sources. Jennifer Hall. An interview with Jennifer Hall and her voices. Um. Um. Thank you. I say “um” a lot. And I would love to do, if anyone wants a three minute segment on “the voice” produced for their episode just call me. And that’s it.”

January 7th, 2009 7:08 pm

Hey Thanks Jimbob! Great show…totally loved it. Great start to the new year. You’re onto something here! …. (“like these guys give a sh*t that you are leaving a dumbass comment, loser.” …arrgh, the voice!)