Hello fellow devoted listeners. My name is Ben and this is my second episode. Welcome to BenPR again.

Today’s show includes:

  •       An interview with Blitz, the Seattle Seahawks mascot Ryan Asdourian.
  •       Another segment of Kids Write the Darndest Things featuring The Little Witch with Glasses written by Amanda Watkins.
  •       Ben and Amanda Review Movies They Haven’t Seen – in which my fiancée and I weigh in on which movies we will and won’t be seeing in the next few weeks.
  •       And some excerpts of my stand-up comedy

Thanks for tuning in,

Ben PipeR

April 22nd, 2009 7:00 am

Nice interview with Asdo, I’m glad he pointed out that he doesn’t get girls by being a mascot. I had no idea he was a character at Disney – probably Dicky the little known 8th dwarf.

Your apology is accepted. Florida State is a clown school, literally.

Nice story Little Amanda Watkins…
“What are these things?” – A probing question. “Wow.” – A spirited reply.

I beg you to pre-review “My Sister’s Keeper”. I have a deep disdain for Cameron Diaz and would like you guys to publicly hate her.

Good show LBP.