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Ingrid B. Lacy’s 8th grade Yearbook class discusses what is working and what needs to change about public education with their teacher Ms. Mercedes Taylor.


If you are interested in getting involved with Ingrid B. Lacy, email Mercedes at


YourPR was apparently “hacked” this week (as if that’s possible) by two individuals calling themselves MRB and Manny. Although it seems Manny really did most of the “hacking.” Anyway, they overpowered the original broadcast (umm, yeah) and created their own: MRBPR Alpha. An argumentative, ranting, memorializing piece with terrible accents, and other invidious sounds. Overall, a generally unpleasant experience. Worse yet, they’ve threatened to do it again. Enjoy!


What combines religion, state and federal law, terminology, family, children, conservative, liberal and everything in-between opinions into one little ball of twine?

Same-sex marriage – that’s the topic on VanessaPRII…


Now that the economy is in the toilet and people are losing jobs faster than something funny that also happens rapidly, we’re told that it is now a new era of service, volunteering and all that. So, what are you doing?

In this episode of YourPR, Gena and Nick talk about the concept of service and talk to a few people who have found their calling in San Francisco’s web of needs.
Constance works with bikes and the streets. Curtis, aka the Creme Brulee Cart guy makes a green space greener.

special appearances by first lady michele obama and former u.n. weapons inspector scott ritter.

music in this episode by: thee oh sees – quadrospazzed
air france – beach party

Dolores Park Cleanup:

follow cremebruleecart on twitter:

enjoy. get out there and do something! anything!



This is Mom (aka Kathy Buskirk) on MarriagePR (I’m Sara’s mom and Ned’s mom #2).

Today, I’ll be asking the question, “Why do you think your marriage has lasted?”

I’ll be talking to family and friends who have been married no less than 48 years. I think this is quite an accomplishment, with ½ of all marriages proclaiming, till DIVORCE do we part!

These marriages appear to be standing or have stood, the test of time………..are there any common threads running through these marriages?

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence. The grass is greener, WHERE it is watered.”

Have a blessed day!


Welcome to BartonCreethPR…

In 1948, my father was sent away from Oakland, California to a boarding school in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he discovered the bat-and-ball game of cricket. Now 71, he reflects on what a lifetime of playing and following cricket has been like for him in a country that understands neither the rules nor the world significance of the sport.

Thanks for listening…

Barton Creeth

Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Akron/Family (and special guest interviewer Nick Carpenter)

Morning Becomes Epileptic with Akron/Family (and special guest interviewer Nick Carpenter).

Listen to Akron/Family share with Nick Carpenter about eating jalapeños, being vague and creativity.

Also, listen to Akron/Family’s songs: “The Alps & Their Orange Evergreen,” “Sun Will Shine” and “Last Year.”

Check out more from Akron/Family at:

Check out more from Nick Carpenter at:

If you have music to share with Morning Becomes Epileptic (yours, your friend’s, or just music you think is worthy of sharing with others) get in touch with Ned Hardcore at



Good day.

Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Shaadie

Morning Becomes Epileptic with Shaadie.

Listen to Shaadie share with Ned Hardcore about what it might be like to be the last man on earth, eating funnel cakes (aka fundle cakes) at Marine World Africa USA and his six foot baby. Also, enjoy a free-style rap session between the rapper and Hardcore.

Also, listen to Shaadie’s songs: “Introducing Dark Kent” and “Put It N Ya Face (featuring Mistah FAB).”

Shaadie websites to check out:

If you have music to share with Morning Becomes Epileptic (yours, your friend’s, or just music you think is worthy of sharing with others) get in touch with Ned Hardcore at



Good day.


Practical and Subtle Life Skills

We all need hope in these times of seemingly endless suffering, pain, greed, and so much needless health problems.

Welcome to Practical Ways to Higher Health, a path walked by many, but misunderstood by most.

My story was like many. I bottomed out as a young man after a car crash left me with a broken neck. It was my fault, driving like a stunt man, and thinking I could do almost anything. I was arrogant and wreckless.

But as I recovered, I learned about true healing, and what our bodies are capable of. Over the past 20 years, I have seen so many “miracles,” they all seem normal and natural for each of us…

If we open ourselves to our true power, give our bodies the building blocks of proper diet of whole foods, and have a willingness to explore health and what it really is.

In this episode, I will be speaking about my discoveries over the last 20 years, my exploration of consciousness and awareness and how it relates to our health, and offering up the Universal truths of health. I will cover diet, breathing, fun ways to exercise, proper rest and what that is, and offer stories from my clinical practice, from my personal life, and from people who have inspired me.

“The truth is self-evident”

“What we do not digest, digests us”




Check out and its links.

As long as we can imagine something, we can make it manifest!

Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Unicrons

Morning Becomes Epileptic with Unicrons.

Listen to Ned Hardcore speak with executive producer Frank Lipari from the music label Unicrons. Frank talks to himself, shares about fairy-tale magical creatures and fills us in on how he’s producing Jesus’ new album during the second coming.

Also, listen to music from Unicrons’ bands: Media, Robbers and Consumer, and their songs 1982, Eager and Jack the Snake, respectively.

Check out Unicrons’ website:

Check out Robbers’ website:

Check out Media’s website:

Check out Consumer’s website:

If you have music to share with Morning Becomes Epileptic (yours, your friend’s, or just music you think is worthy of sharing with others) get in touch with Ned Hardcore at



Good day.



Tune in to DesPR to hear a discussion about women.

Hear from Lindsey Pollaczeck from Direct Relief International about her recent trips to Liberia and Tanzania and what it means to be a woman in Africa.

Get inspired by Ani DiFranco.

Connect with Melissa Lyons, Executive Director of the Women in Leadership and Development Association (WILDA!), and learn about opportunities that exist for single moms in the U.S to get back on their feet.

If you want to help improve health services for women and children through Direct Relief or just learn more about their activities, check out their website at

If you want to learn more about WILDA! or if you know someone who could benefit from their services, check out their website at

And if you have questions or comments or if you want to be best friends with me, email me at

Thanks for listening!

Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Horace Raymond and the Gnarly Cactus

Morning Becomes Epileptic with Horace Raymond and the Gnarly Cactus.

Listen to Ned Hardcore speak with four members of Horace Raymond and the Gnarly Cactus. Listen to them share about how they all dress completely in black, wear headset microphones while holding one guitar each and are founding a city in Oregon called Garth Brooks.

Also, listen to the band’s songs, Yer Heart and Natural Sensations.

Horace Raymond and the Gnarly Cactus is:

David Alexander Berends, Bass
Aaron Harris Freifeld, Guitar and Vocals
Joe “the Drummer” Snyder, Drums
Steven Joseph Simpson, Tambourine
Christopher Schane Greeley, Guitar and Vocals
(Everyone sings choruses)


Their next show is a house party on Clement and 16th on Friday in San Francisco. They love playing house shows…

If you have music to share with Morning Becomes Epileptic (yours, your friend’s, or just music you think is worthy of sharing with others) get in touch with Ned Hardcore at



Good day.


Welcome to DeweyHammondPR.

Here’s the episode breakdown from Dewey Hammond (sent via iPhone):

“Discussions with five of my friends about the inspirations and influences behind their creative works: TV writer/producer; painter; children’s author; journalist; rapper.

Ed Burns: founding writer and producer for HBO’s “The Wire”

Caity Berndt: painter living in Brooklyn, New York

Katy Towell: children’s author

Dan Morrell: journalist (New York Times, Slate, Harvard Magazine, etc.)

Shaadie: Bay Area rapper and cousin of NFL running back Marshawn Lynch

If you feel the need to describe me, you can say I’m a 30-year-old writer in San Francisco.

If you use my name maybe link to 

I hope it was up to snuff.

Thanks, Ned.

Sent from iPhone”

Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Calms

Morning Becomes Epileptic with Calms.

Listen to Ned Hardcore speak with Mike Keegan and Nick Carpenter about their band Calms, using their guitar in place of their flaccid penis and touring with U2. Also, listen to the band’s songs, Hide It and Aquanaut.

For more from Calms:

Contact Calms at

If you have music to share with Morning Becomes Epileptic (yours, your friend’s, or just music you think is worthy of sharing with others) get in touch with Ned Hardcore at



Good day.


Hello YourPR practitioners. Academik here, the Swiss Scottish Cowboy ready to inspire you today with the words of:

Auto Escape
Danny Sherrard
The Whitest Boy Alive (Erlend Oye)
Andrea Gibson
Amir Sulaiman
Anis Mojgani

Words, slick, into ears
Q-tips that won’t make you cough
or sneeze. inspire me.

Enjoy, and feel free to tell me what you think at


Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Little Teeth

Morning Becomes Epileptic with Little Teeth.

Listen to Ned Hardcore speak with Ammo Eisu and Andy Tisdall about their band, vaginal bleeding and drum throwing. Also, listen to the band’s songs, Between My Ears and Oh Drag.

For more from Little Teeth:

If you have music to share with Morning Becomes Epileptic (yours, your friend’s, or just music you think is worthy of sharing with others) get in touch with Ned Hardcore at



Good day.


Hello fellow devoted listeners. My name is Ben and this is my second episode. Welcome to BenPR again.

Today’s show includes:

  •       An interview with Blitz, the Seattle Seahawks mascot Ryan Asdourian.
  •       Another segment of Kids Write the Darndest Things featuring The Little Witch with Glasses written by Amanda Watkins.
  •       Ben and Amanda Review Movies They Haven’t Seen – in which my fiancée and I weigh in on which movies we will and won’t be seeing in the next few weeks.
  •       And some excerpts of my stand-up comedy

Thanks for tuning in,

Ben PipeR

Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Blue James Band

Morning Becomes Epileptic with Cliff Williams from Blue James Band.

Listen to Ned Hardcore speak with Cliff Williams about his band, his napping and Hannah Montana. Also, listen to the band’s songs, Remember Me and Believe.

For more from Blue James Band:

If you have music to share with Morning Becomes Epileptic (yours, your friend’s, or just music you think is worthy of sharing with others) get in touch with Ned Hardcore at



Good day.


Nick Buskirk hosts an episode of YourPR entirely dedicated to his two and half year old son, Beck Buskirk.

Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Parts for People

Morning Becomes Epileptic with Don Cadora from Parts for People.

Listen to Ned Hardcore speak with Don Cadora about his band, his guitar and shanks of lamb. Also, listen to the band’s songs, Always (alternate acoustic) and Bright and Shining.

Parts for People is:
Don Cadora – vocals, guitar
Tim Frick – Bass, Keys, vocals
Ben Tuttle – Drums
(click on anything that says Parts For People to hear music)

If you have music to share with Morning Becomes Epileptic (yours, your friend’s, or just music you think is worthy of sharing with others) get in touch with Ned Hardcore at



Good day.


Welcome to YourPR’s first VIDEO podcast EVER….

It’s all about… “A little taste of the college life from college students themselves.”

A YourPR video podcast by Joey Buskirk

Who Is Ned Hardcore?

Nedcaster helps shine some light on Ned Hardcore, the host of Morning Becomes Epileptic, uncovering the mystery behind the man of music.*

Hardcore shares on how he got into the music scene, how his love life fits into the whole shebang, while taking a moment to play some of his own original songs.

*this interview was first posted on NedPR in August 2007


“How to weather the economic crisis – family.”

A podcast brought to you by David Buskirk.

Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Jimbob Peltaire

Morning Becomes Epileptic is back with Ned Hardcore and music from Jimbob Peltaire.

If you have music to share with Morning Becomes Epileptic (yours, your friend’s, or just music you think is worthy of sharing with others) get in touch with Ned Hardcore at



Good day.


Welcome to NenaPR… and now, a few words of introduction from Nena:

“The Travelogue!

This episode brings you spoken travel stories and ideas from ACROSS THE GLOBE!

Kevin talks about weight issues in South Florida. Gena spans two continents. Mike proves how far he is willing to go for friendship. And Nick tells the world he is a big baby and can’t handle discomfort in India.
Sounds of India abound, along with an Avey Tare song for good measure.


featuring Donovan Oakleaf

*Soaring, emotional drama starring Queen Bea and ManBoy
*Rare, archival recording of ManBoy performing live in his first sold-out arena tour
*Mess: A Short Documentary
*A factual recounting of a true story

Thanks for listening

First time out
I crave your feedback
Don’t hold back


Welcome to YourPR this week, I am Benjamin Bottorff based out of Geneva, Switzerland.  Today’s show explores the theme of time and its influence on the human creative process.

     · How are the Gorillas in the Congo? Interview with Pierre Peron, an administrator of Verunga National Park.  Pierre is a trained zoologist and has worked at the BBC as a journalist.  Now he applies his skills in Goma, DR Congo.  Follow the blog and watch the videos at

     · What is the word on the streets of Washington DC?  Interview with GenevaPRs political correspondent based in Washington DC.  Erica Frantz is on the ground following the inauguration.

     · Speeches by Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama.

     · What is Will?  Music and Interview with Clifton Williams and the Blue James Band, from the Album, Will. Buy the album now:

     · Let me know what you think?


This week’s episode of YourPR is titled JimbobPR and is produced by Jimbob Peltaire. Here are a few words from Jimbob on the episode that kicks off the YourPR New Year:

“So, it’s a um a dedication to “the voice” in our heads. Um. And it’s, um, oh, I wanted, um, whadyuh call it… what do you call it when you note them, reference them, just, like, list the name of the girl that’s singing. Her name is Karen Rockower. The name of the songs are dog and cold. That’s Karen, k-a-r-e-n, Rockower, r-o-c-k-o-w-e-r. Um, and, I don’t know what else really goes in there. I didn’t use too much of external sources. Jennifer Hall. An interview with Jennifer Hall and her voices. Um. Um. Thank you. I say “um” a lot. And I would love to do, if anyone wants a three minute segment on “the voice” produced for their episode just call me. And that’s it.”


This week’s episode, JamesDPR,  is produced by James D’Albora out of San Jose, California. Here are a few words of intro from James:

“I’m James D’Albora, and I produced this weeks episode of YourPR.  It’s called JamesDPR.  I had a lot of fun with things like:

*An interview with independent filmmaker, producer, comedian, livin’ life to the fullest kind of guy…Joe Gatto.
*Funny interludes with Riki Kalil and Ned Buskirk
*Greenbeam bringing environmental education to kids with the help of Eric Hart + Greenbeam’s first song!!!
*Almost getting my ass kicked outside the Lube Room Saloon
*Playing sick nasty beats from my friend Matthias Reiling.

Please email any questions or comments about this episode to  Thanks!!!”

Natasha Muse

Natasha Muse, a performer at AsiaSF in San Francisco, talks about her life and creativity.

This interview is from an episode of YourPR titled Creative Being posted in November of 2007.

The Human Award Show PR

This week’s episode of YourPR is brought to you by Alex Espinoza out of Los Angeles, CA. It’s the Human Award Show!!! Here are a few words of intro from Alex:

“Hi.  My name is Alex Espinoza.  I’ve been spinning on my laptop for a few years using a program called Ableton Live.  I’m originally from Scottsdale, AZ and have been living in L.A. for about 5 years.  If you’d like to get in contact with me, you can find me on myspace or email me at

Thanks for listening!”

If you’re interested in producing your own episode of YourPR, if you want to share ideas, pass along suggestions, or for any reason at all – e-mail

Rua the Operatic Taxidriver

In this episode of YourPR, Ned talks with Rua, a San Francisco cabdriver, about the creativity of taxi work and other surprising creative outlets in her life.

This interview is from an episode of NedPR posted in April of 2007. To listen to the entire episode, titled Creative Matter, go here:


This week’s episode is produced by Ben Piper out of Seattle, Washington… Here are a few words of episode introduction from Ben:

“Hello fellow devoted listeners. My name is Ben and this is my first episode. Welcome to BenPR.

Today’s show explores the theme of duality, and includes:

  •       An interview with BMX cyclist and Olympic bronze medalist Donny Robinson.
  •       A segment called Kids Write the Darndest Things featuring Spinach and Zucchini: Parts One through Three – a story I began writing 18 years ago and just finished this month.
  •       Ben and Amanda Review Movies They Haven’t Seen – in which my fiancée and I weigh in on which movies we will and won’t be seeing in the next few weeks.
  •       Music from local Seattle Band The Tallboys.
  •       And finally, the younger, and sadly lesser known brother of NedHardcore… BenHardcore speaks out.

Thanks for tuning in,

Ben PipeR”

James Tobkin and a Mayan Calendar

In this episode of YourPR, James Tobkin talks about a Mayan Calendar and its reflection and insight into our times.

More information on the Mayan Calendar:

More information on the 6th Day which started on the 13th of November:

For links and more detailed information, email James Tobkin at:



I am in India, I could say a thousand things but I’m going to stick to two:
India is literally making me crazy and don’t believe anything anyone not from India says about India.
Foreigners are usually here to make money, take advantage or have some sort of manufactured enlightenment.
Don’t listen to me either.
Indians defy generalization, I am equally happy and pissed off most of the time.
This podcast is just a tiny sliver of what life is like here.

Gena Lindsay


This episode is produced by David Wayne Dunn… a journey into the poet’s streaming conscious…

You can hear more from David Wayne Dunn by listening to YourPR’s episode Surrender to the Muse

Check out:::


Hello, you gorgeous YOURPR.ORG people!

He said.  She said.  Dems said.  Repubs said.  The Presidential Election has been going on a LONG time, and I wanted to see what people thought about the process and what they were (or weren’t) getting out of it.

I have always been fascinated by “man on the street” interviews.  So, I tried to conduct this segment like that.  Granted, these are people I know, but I tried to keep it casual.  Thanks to all of the folks who shared their opinions!

Maybe next time, I’ll branch out and talk to strangers, though I will be directly disobeying what my mother always taught me!  It’s my first attempt at ANYTHING like this, so please keep that in mind.

If you’d like to send comments to Ned about how I could make the next go ’round better, please do so.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you, Ned.  I am SO pleased that you asked me to participate on YOURPR!  I had so much fun and I can’t wait for the next creative installment.

Get out there and register to vote!  We are so lucky to live in this beautiful, crazy, wonderful country!  Take care of each other.  Peace.

Vanessa Whitney 

LadyPR El Segundo

Hello, everyone!!  Welcome to el segundo episode of LadyPR.  I tried to keep this baby short and sweet, like my dog Olive, so I hope you guys like it.  This episode includes the following:

Interview with Lindsay Wachs and her crew of sammie-making comrades.  One girl, one back-up crew, 100 sandwiches, 100 oranges, and a desire to put the government’s money to work, serving the people of the Haight.

Interview with Pastor Edwin Weaver, a man who cares about the community of San Francisco. Edwin teaches at Golden Gate Community Church and he is a leader I want to follow.

Listen to Reny Ryan, author of Confessions of a Brazilian Bikini Waxer, wax poetic about the human body and other such things.  Find her at

If you are interested in checking out other Porchlight Storytelling events, check out:   

Morning Becomes Epilliptical:  Ruby TwoLips puts in her two cents about the upcoming election, as well as introduces the musical guest Drew Bray.   Check him out at ::: HE ROCKS!!!

Thanks for your support! 

A special thank you to The Sammie-Making Crew: Lindsay Wachs, Mathew Brady, Anne Holth, Sarah Willbrand, and Brooks Marino. 

Thanks to Edwin Weaver for his time, and his inspiration.



NedPR is no longer.

Welcome to YourPR.


MollyBPR presents

ex•traor•di•nar•y (ĭk-strôr’dn-ěr’ē, ěk’strə-ôr’-) adj.

1. A compilation of remarkable moments, people, songs, voices, days and lives.

In this episode of MollyBPR you will find:

– Opening guitar, Dan Peterson.

– Extraordinary Voices: People talking about their definitions of the word and what it means to them. Extraordinary moments in their lives.

– “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”: A conversation with Andrew Utter, acting instructor extraordinaire, and founder of the Mother of Invention Acting School in San Francisco. His next 10-week cycle of classes in San Francisco starts on Monday September 8th, and classes in Los Angeles begin Wednesday October 8th. For more information go to or email
To hear the entirety of the conversation click on: Guitar by Dan Peterson.

– “Wrigley Hears You”: Dan Peterson’s short story about Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Produced by Dan Peterson. Song called “Gathering Crowds” by the APM Allstars for World of Sports.

– “The Forgotten Ones”: A selection of journal entries from Lynn Rose, about her visit to Sudan, Africa and the refugee camps near Kassala.
Song called “Sudan” by Solace.

– “Angel”: Song written, produced and performed by Suzie Rose.

– “Marathon Day”: The final segment of my marathon series for NedPR, chronicling my journey training with the Aids Marathon Training Program, and running the San Francisco Marathon. To donate to this cause, go to , click on “DONATE” , the city San Francisco, and my runner number is # 1024. Thank you.
Song “Running Like the Wind” instrumental by Dan Peterson.

– “Runnin’ Like The Wind”: Song written by Dan Peterson. Performed by Dan Peterson and Molly Benson.

– Marathon photos below, “Runnin’ on Haight Street”, and “Crossing the Finish Line”, taken by Karen Benson.

– Guitar during conclusion, “Minneapolis” by Henry Phillips

– Bonus Track: “When the Deal Goes Down”: Words and Music by Bob Dylan. Performed by Eric Hart and Molly B.



First – my apologies for the delay – I set NedPR back half a week and Ned is a little testy about it – this is only written at his request – like you even knew NedPR comes out every other Sunday – all I care about is you kicking back and enjoying the show…

Uke Tunes – Ian Merrigan and Karinne Kiethley (
Poetry – Amber West
Audio Piece – Brett Beyer
Interviews – Ice Factory Interns ’08
Photograph – Big Sur Burning

NickPR II (the sequel)

nedcaster (a.k.a. mr. lazy) lets nick out of his cage again for forty minutes of audacity effects, false starts, meaningful interviews, and music.

in this episode:

1. what it takes to coach marathon runners

2. why we should stop eating “food” and start eating food (notice the lack of quotation marks)

3. love music from lincoln money shot (no website, just google them or sumthin’)

4. why preservation of art is important, even in neighborhoods as supposedly useless as glen park in san francisco

5. a lot of gags and incidental music



JoyPRadio: In Stereotype

(an episode of NedPR produced by Joy D’Albora)

In this episode you’ll find :::

Cherry Fillin’ and the art of…..”
The local West Hollywood Drag Queen fills us in on the day and the life.

Jimbob’s Plea
Oh no! People are scary!

Luellyn Watts
An in studio interview with a guy who knows a lot about something.

Hapu’s Party Spot
A 7-eleven in the Valley…..just wants to party.

Peace. Love and Happiness.

Write On
  • A conversation with Enrique Kalil about producing his NedPR episode Enrikaydio (Check it out at
  • Nedcaster talks about the work of writing and shares his writings at
  • Writings from Nedcaster, Lacy Telles, Jaime Becktel and Molly Benson
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and music from Ben Floren and Friends (Check out more at
  • Ernest Hemingway’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
  • The artwork below was created by Jaime Becktel and is inspired by her piece heard in this episode called Orbiting in Love


Helen Russ and Clairvision

 In this Special Extra Episode of NedPR

:::: A conversation with Helen Russ about Clairvision meditation ::::

If you live in the San Francisco area and want to find out more, there is a free introductory talk Monday, June 23rd and a weekend workshop June 28th-29th in Mill Valley, CA at the Almonte District Club House.

Check out to find out more or e-mail Helen Russ directly at




Episode 1: Irish Upon A Star


·        Orba Glow (Joy D’Albora) takes us through a grounded explanation of the summer solstice – Highly Recommended

·        Join award winning playwright Jonas Oppenheim as he traverses over the bumps and bruises that color his quest for love – Highly Recommended

·        Anonymous warns us about the inner workings and devilish motivations behind The Bohemian Grove – Highly Recommended

·        Strap on your safety harness as Kevin Ford and Amanda Sitko demonstrate the terrors of time travel – Highly Recommended

·        In this amazing interview, Kate A’Vard discusses the bloody method behind her cancer curing madness (visit – Highly Recommended

·        Leo Canneto and his band A.M. Pacific pluck low hanging sultry melodies from their new album “11:11”.  Enjoy a collective bite from their juicy single, “Lady In Waiting” (visit – Highly Recommended

·        Karen, Cheryl, Audrey and Michelle show us why the Irish Ja Rule! – Highly Recommended

·        Jason Thatcher serenades us with his a cappella rendition of the Gaelic classic “Greenwaves” – Highly Recommended

·        Max Eberle’s portraits are acrylic on canvas and done in the style of pointillism.  After painting the canvas black, he uses white dots (usually in fluorescent paint) to interpret all areas of light from the initial cropped image. Using larger dots (in Martin Luther King piece) gives the work a more impressionist feel, while the smaller dots (in the Einstein piece) give the work a more photorealistic look until viewed very close. Eberle sees art as a way to inspire or remind humanity of the greatness that is our birthright. Below are some Highly Recommended selections of his work:







Scribble on the Wall
  • Nedcaster reflects on creativity and why we might need it in our lives
  • A conversation with Lacy Telles about her episode LadyPR (
  • Background sound from Jimbob Peltaire
  • Awake, Love by Trevor Lawrence, read by Sara Marie Buskirk, with music by Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar
  • A special episode of Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and a life changing guest
  • More from Molly Benson’s AIDS Marathon journey –
    • If you’d like to get more info on the SF AIDS Marathon, or donate on Molly’s behalf, go to, click sponsor a runner, put in San Francisco as the city and Molly’s runner # 1024
  • Cartoonist Chad Diez talks about creativity and his web comic Hedlinerz (
  • An excerpt from Harold Pinter’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech (watch the entire speech at

Welcome to the premiere of LadyPR! This episode, entitled S F G I S F, is brought to you, along with the good will of Nedcaster, by Lacy Maria Telles, her talented friends, and even a few strangers (well, they started out as strangers, anyway). In store:

  • Letters to God

A project that started with two people has expanded. Listen to four best friends discuss their experience and read excerpts from their letters.

  • Interview with Jeffrey Finger

A musician, a teacher, a man that believes.

Followed by his rendition of the song, Your Love is Extravagant

  • Q & A with Craig Detweiler and John Marks

Two longtime friends with opposing views discuss their documentary film, A Purple State of Mind (

  • Monika Pumberger reads from The Magician’s Nephew

In lieu of an artist interview or biography, the photographer of the accompanying photos would like you to take a moment, look at the pictures, and listen to Monika read a story.

  • Special episode of Morning Becomes Epileptic

Introducing the final musical guest, Tim Hobert. (

****Special Thanks: Nedcaster!!!! Sara Buskirk, Desiree Lyons, Jaime Becktel, and Lindsay Wachs for sharing about their letters to God (ok, and for being my best friends) Jeffrey Finger (and yes, you can call him Finger, as long as you are not one of his students) and Tim Hobert for supplying me with all of the accompanying music and their beautiful songs Craig and John for letting me share their discussion-check out their film!! Monika, who did a fabulous reading on only her second try Phil Leif for helping me with some of the technical stuff Lindsay Wachs for listening and supporting me And I can’t forget Ma’amie, Olive O., and Stella, for their background growling and barking that can be heard throughout the episode…



Surrender to the Muse
  • A conversation with Erin Shea about her episode NedPeRin (
  • William Faulkner’s Acceptance Speech for the Nobel Prize in Literature
  • Background sound from Jimbob Peltaire
  • A special episode of Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore has Nick Carpenter interviewing AKRON/FAMILY w/their songs East Coast and I’ll Be On The Water –
  • More from Molly Benson’s AIDS Marathon journey –
    • If you’d like to get more info on the SF AIDS Marathon, or donate on Molly’s behalf, go to, click sponsor a runner, put in San Francisco as the city and Molly’s runner # 1024
    • Music for the segment, the song Skippin’ Stone to Throw, performed by Eric Hart
  • Jimmy Greenbeam electrifies our senses by –
    • Writing the FDA and encouraging us to write our own letters to shake up the government
    • Speaking on Forest Ethics ( and the greenness of the office supply industry
  • David Wayne Dunn talks about creativity out of Big Sur, CA, shares his poetry and his artwork is seen below –


Clown I

Beneath the Shield


The Robe




NedPeRin: just kidding, just kidding
(this one’s for the children)



::::: Music by Blue Sky Divide ::::::

Blue Sky Divide is Matt & Paul, two Minnesota boys who met in Los Angeles and began writing & recording music together.

Songs In This Episode:

“Start of Things”
“Snake Charmer”
“Charmed Life”

:::::: A Look at Van Cougar ::::::

A writing project being undertaken by Ned Buskirk, Mark Sitko & Erin Shea

Excerpts from the San Luis Obispo Van Cougar Workshop:

“Fer F**kin’ Sure,” read by Mark Sitko
“Scouts,” read by Ned Buskirk
“The Bartar Bazaar,” read by Jennie Pierson, Sara Buskirk & Sara Vietti

:::::: 5th Grade Poetry with Heidi Larson ::::::


:::::: Poetic Photographs by Crystal Mudflaps ::::::

  • “The wave that killed Christmas” -An intimate portrait of that infamous wave.
  • “Statistical Illiteracy” -A startling statistic!
  • “Dinner?” -The result of an evening of conversation with my neighbors.
  • “The Other Red Desert” -An homage to Italian filmmaker Antonioni.
  • “My summer at space camp” -This is a picture of the summer I spent at space camp. This is the last image I captured before my spaceship turned into a flimsy stack of cardboard boxes taped like a cocoon around my torso, and the FEDS came in and busted my meth operation.


:::::: Morgan’s Horoscopes ::::::

Advice on Life-Living and choosing sandwiches, with Morgan P.

:::::: Listening Is An Act of Love ::::::

A story from NPR’s StoryCorps project: Priya Morganstern & Bhavani Jaroff interview their father, Ken Morganstern, dedicated to my father, Lucky Joe Shea.

:::::: Listening To Riki Kalil Is An Act of Love ::::::

A one-on-one interview with the kid in Riki Kalil.

Scored by Philly’s finest, DJ Dave Cramske
“Piano Hit Song”
“Master Plan”

:::::: Introduction to Jo-Ga ::::::

Joy D’albora takes us on an exploration of why the yoga practice is essential to life.

Scored by:

Dave Cramske: “Gypsys and Thieves”
The Beatles: “Within You, Without You”
Lemon Jelly: “The Staunton Lick”


My Summer At Space Camp


Statistical Illiteracy

The Other Red Desert

The Wave That Killed Christmas


In Your Ear
  • A conversation with Mark Sitko about MarkPR
  • Music by Jimbob Peltaire
  • Molly Benson and her 26 mile AIDS Marathon:
    • If you’d like to get more info on the SF AIDS Marathon, or donate on Molly’s behalf, go to, click sponsor a runner, put in San Francisco as the city and Molly’s runner # 1024
    • Music for the segment, the song Runnin’ Like the Wind, is written and performed by Dan Peterson
    • This segment was perfectly produced by Molly Benson
  • Lacy Maria en la Cocina and her “Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms” Recipe –
  • Lawrence Ezrow and his movie “Paranoia Man” starring himself, as Paranoia Man, and Benjamin Bottorff –
  • Jimmy Greenbeam razzle dazzles us with:
    • A trip down Humble Lane
    • Environmental news:
      • A Solar Power News Flash
      • A Meat Industry Update and for more information check out
  • An excerpt from Sy Safransky’s reading on April 7th, 2008 at the First Unitarian Universalist Society Church in San Francisco –
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore, FUTURISTIC PRINCE and their song Make the Music Stop –
  • Jaime Becktel talks about trees, creativity and her art seen below:




David Frank – painting
Amber West – poetry
Ronnie Yates – poetry
Bryan Miller – poetry – short story in New York Times Magazine – March 16th, 2008 issue
Van Cougar – playwrighting
Ned Buskirk – voicemail –
Kevin Ford – voicemail
Monica Salazar – music – 
Karinne Keithley – playwrighting –
Amanda Sitko – sketch –
Jennie Pierson – sketch
The Ransome Brothers – music –
Stan and Carol Sitko – stories

Produced by Mark Sitko out of New York City

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by


Black Dog

In this week’s episode of NedPR listen to the story “Black Dog,” based on a real incident, and an interview with the author, Professor Lois Lyles.

“Black dog is the symbol of everything that is unknown and which people therefore fear and hate. A black dog is alluded to in the play by William Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus. One of the main characters is referred to as a black dog, because of his ethnicity, his Moorish decent. The black dog is a real dog, but it is also a symbol of everything that is kept outside of our consciousness, because we’ve been taught to fear and hate otherness.” – Professor Lois Lyles, the author

Lyles would like to thank David Field whose personal details helped in creating the background of “Black Dog.”

Music for “Black Dog” written and performed by Jimbob Peltaire.

And Jack Kerouac answering the question: “Why write?”

Sacred Mirrors

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by



A very special episode of NedPR finds Ned out of commission for reasons that are too gruesome to name here. Shell-shocked, his little buddy, Nick, has taken over and offers his deranged view of what entertainment radio should be. Features included in this episode:

Scary audio collage by Nick Carpenter

Meg Glassen reads “A Requiem for Barry,” an essay about pain, baseball, and the mystery of fandom.

Musical offerings from Cambridge, MA band Drug Rug (“Day I Die”) and Albany, NY band Gun Christmas (“Crybaby”). Check out more of the bands at and

Poetry and a brief interview with Sophie Sills.


Insist on Yourself

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

  • Send feedback about the NedPR Intro to
  • Nicholas Carpenter reads an excerpt from The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris
  • Jimmy Greenbeam is sick
  • The Great Cincinnati Piano Burning of 2007 (an experience revisited with Shannon Bousquet, Katherine Monnig and the Gregory Morris Group) – SEE PICTURES AND VIDEO BELOW
  • The Business of Being Born:
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and music from THE KAMIKAZE HEARTS –
  • Aris Vlasakakis shares on the below photography –

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by




Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Open Up
  • Mathew Raymond Brady reads The Wall
  • The Mary Stevens Project
  • Jimmy Greenbeam welcomes 2008, Barack Obama’s green consciousness and THE RAIN!!!
  • An interview with animator and a Waldorf ( School alumni Carlyn Brooks Stuart
  • Sara Marie Buskirk encourages you to see, support and spread the word about the new documentary The Business of Being Born:
  • Lacy Maria en la Cocina (a.k.a. Lacy Telles) shares a “quickie,” easy, cheap recipe your friends will love
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and music from BRENT GORTON:
  • Gregory Mcmanis talks about the below photo series –

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by


In The World

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by


At God’s Feet

Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Creative Being
  • Jimbob Peltaire’s new and improved NedPR Intro
  • Rachel Tenorowitz writes out of Jennifer Hall’s mouth
  • Natasha Muse, a transsexual living in the city of San Francisco, speaks on her life of creating being
  • Jimmy Greenbeam speaks with his buddy Teddy about:
    • Tomorrow night, Saturday the 17th, at the Harlot in San Francisco, Jimmy Moonbeam’s FEEL GOOD TALENT EXTRAVAGANZA, a benefit for ONE, the campaign to make poverty history (
  • MORNING BECOMES EPILEPTIC w/Ned Hardcore and music from THE BIG LUGERS (
  • Brett Johnson’s sketchy Nedcaster vision:

Image Hosted by

The Playground
  • Kallie Markle reads her writing with the best voice ever

  • Jimbob Peltaire’s musical skill rounds out the NedPR sound

  • Jimmy Greenbeam speaks powerfully about:

    • His cousin Jimmy Moonbeam and dear friend Teddy’s FEEL GOOD TALENT EXTRAVAGANZA, a benefit for ONE, the campaign to make poverty history (

    • The San Francisco Green Festival, the epicenter of GREEN activities in the United States (

  • The Reznicek Siblings, Sophia (12), Jackson (10) and Julia (6), share on what creativity is in their lives

  • Introducing Lacy Maria en la Cocina (a.k.a. Lacy Telles) speaking on meat

  • Jimmy Moonbeam and Teddy put down their martinis and postpone their massages to plug the JIMMY MOONBEAM SHOW happening November 17th in San Francisco!!! BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE:

  • MORNING BECOMES EPILEPTIC w/Ned Hardcore and music from ROGUE

  • Nellie King Solomon’s FOLDED POURS paintings:

Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


La Creatividad Se Existe
  • Amber West writes after Ginsberg
  • Jose, a restaurant cook, teaches us that love exists
  • Jimmy Greenbeam with his eyes on the earth speaks on:
  • A MORNING BECOMES EPILEPTIC SPECIAL w/Ned Hardcore and an interview and music from SHADOWBROOK JOHNSON
  • A photo by the eyes of Gregory McManis:

Image Hosted by


Renew Your Creative License
Innate Behooves
  • Jaime Becktel records a sit-down session with a luthier (or mandolin maker) and a mental health professional, two inspiring musically talented beings, both living life by the name of Brian. The three play music and dialogue on creativity.
  • James Tobkin, along with his alter ego Piscean, takes us on a journey to access the woman in him and out of him
  • Guy Clark, San Francisco’s flower Guy, opens up his brain to share thoughts on creativity in his life among the blossoms
  • Jimmy Greenbeam, our man saving the world, shares:
    • Build It Green – a green home tour organization
    • Green Condoms??? A NOTE FROM A SPONSOR
    • West Coast Green Residential Building Conference Expo
  • Jesse James Ziegler is resaved in writing
  • The Question Tree on Youtube :::: What might you ask?
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and his guests WHO KNOWS
United State of Creativity
  • Nedcaster calls the President of the United States to ask him about creativity in his life
  • The Daily Nexus: an alternative news source to inspire, empower and connect our global community
  • Timeless Tales: Enrique Kalil and Kevin Ford, a.k.a. Craig Chardonnay and Tim Duney, take us on a trip back to the days of old-time radio and provide insight to a political fiasco we all know and love – Watergate
  • Jimmy Greenbeam, our man helping us pursue green living:
    • explores environmental ocean issues
    • connects Gilbert Grape to global consciousness
    • and shares, a community producing eco-spiritual writing, artwork and video.
  • Jimbob Peltaire and his writings dressed in guitar pickingS
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and his guest, SHADOWBROOK JOHNSON
Brain’s Lightning Rod
  • Jeff Hutchinson orchestrates his writings
  • A Homeless Man’s Haight Ashbury 10 Step Weight Loss Program
  • Nedcaster sits with Ned Hardcore, a creativity genius, to explore him as our gift of creative genius
  • Jimmy Greenbeam shares
    • His first ever commercial, 7th Generation cleaning products (they should be his sponsor)
    • Green and sustainable building
Pull of the Tide
  • Erin Shea shares words
  • Sara Buskirk speaks on the details of being a part of her first childbirth ever in her journey to become a doula
  • Jimmy Greenbeam rants greenly…
    • The Keep Tahoe Blue!!! Campaign and The League to Save Lake Tahoe
    • High-rise living
  • Introducing James Tobkin, and his alter ego creation Piscean, shaking up the pursuit for women
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and music from MR. SANDOVAL
Creator First

Image Hosted by


Polcum Springs
  • A POLCUM SPRINGS EPISODE: Polcum Springs is 203 acres of rural, mountainous terrain in inland Northern Mendocino County. This episode of NedPR captures the Sun Convergence, an event held every year on the Polcum property, which captures the essence of what Polcum Springs is all about –

Image Hosted by

Creative Candy Bar
  • Lacy Telles’ Haiku Trilogy
  • Lindsay Davis flips the interview script onto Nedcaster
  • Jimmy Greenbeam informs on:
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and music from FOIE-GRAS THE TERRIBLE
  • Peter Schuft’s artwork NedPR-inspired while on the job:

Image Hosted by

Dear Mother, Our Mother
  • Special Musical Intro Cover by Jennifer Hall
  • Special guest host Saracaster (Nedcaster’s wife) sets the episode with female force, speaking about her duola training
  • Jaime Becktel’s El Dia de la Diosa: writings, music and sharing inspired out of a Mother’s Day sweat lodge ceremony experience
  • Jimmy Greenbeam acknowledges:
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and a session with his life coach Joy D’Albora
  • Claire Droney’s artwork:

Image Hosted by

  • Nedcaster in the Shower: A Urgent Call to Create
  • Brett Johnson’s Great Voice
  • Leon Sandoval and Jimbob Peltaire’s background sound
  • Jeff Hutchinson mixes words and sounds
  • Gary, the saxophone player, jazzin’ up the San Fran street corner, speaks on and plays music of his life
  • Jimmy Greenbeam talks about:
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and music from THE BIG LUGERS –
  • Raquel Kalil’s artwork:

Image Hosted by

  • NedPR is YOU
  • Travis Baker reads his writing on playing hookie
  • The sound creativity of sound recreation specialists Eugene Poot (Enrique Kalil) and Arnie Delahoya (Kevin Ford) teamed up as “Sound and Heart”
  • An excerpt from Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Jimmy Greenbeam and the sad truth regarding Corn-based Ethanol
  • Wayland, a panhandler in a wig pretending to have a burnt face, holding a wigged teddy bear named Polar, shares his thoughts on creative living
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and music from ALVIS BRIGIS sung by JENNIFER HALL and JIMBOB PELTAIRE
  • Brett Johnson’s captured caricature skill:

Image Hosted by

Creative Matter
  • Claire Droney reads her writing and plays the violin
  • ComicBookGeek Comics’ So Super Duper by Brian Andersen ( and
  • A creativity interview with a San Francisco cabdriver/Opera singer
  • NedPR asks that you submit your creativity
  • Jimmy Greenbeam gives your ear a “heck of a good time” with:
    • Aquatic Biodiversity
    • Special guest Colleen the Codfish (Allison Ewing)
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and music from JENNIFER HALL
  • Brett Johnson radio announces us through this episode and captures his mad caricature skills:

Image Hosted by

  • NedPR is back and better than ever!!!
  • Mark Sitko reads I Took a Note, poet and friend Brian Patrick Miller and Rumi
  • A cartoon character gets after What’s Possible for Nedcaster and NedPR – Get after What’s Possible for you @
  • An interview with Matt, a lifeguard and student, and his definition of creativity
  • Jimmy Greenbeam lands his green language on:
    • The Supreme Court’s ruling against the Bush Administration on the EPA listing Carbon Dioxide as a pollutant
    • an Isothermal Expansion Equation using beer bottles
  • Sandova’s interluding musical sound
  • Becky Redman’s main artwork
  • Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Ned Hardcore and music from SHADOWBROOK JOHNSON
  • Brett Johnson’s comic:

Image Hosted by